SafetyNOW Systems provides the following products and services. As most client work is workplace specific, custom developed courses are not listed. Please contact us should you have any questions or require more information.

Safety Policy/Program Development

Safety Programs are a requirement by Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in most workplaces. Accidents create significant financial costs to employers due to increased insurance costs, lost production and worker lost time. An effective Safety Program in the workplace has proved to substantially reduce accidents. The written Safety Program must be workplace specific. If you do work for another employer/corporation most times the program must be submitted to that employer for approval. Safety NOW Systems Inc. will audit your workplace and review any policies/procedures already in place. Recommendations will be made to meet the requirements of legislation and reflect your long-term company goals.

Worker Training

Our training programs include a debriefing session for the participants, and provide reporting mechanisms to the employer. All training provided requires a demonstration of learning retained by the participants in a written and/or a practical demonstration (where appropriate) to exhibit the level of retention of learning materials presented at the training session. All training provided will meet Occupational Health and Safety regulations and industry standards.

Effective worker-training such as:

Committee Training

  • Level 1 and Level 2

Supervision and Safety

  • Train your supervisors in their responsibilities required by legislation regarding worker supervision and safety

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)

This “workplace specific” training reviews the purpose and intent of WHMIS, the content and significance of labels and material safety data sheets, and the education requirements for workers. A mechanism to evaluate the comprehension of the material presented is used, and certificates are issued upon successful completion.

Powered Mobile Equipment Training

  • Training to operate Aerial work Platforms, Skid Steer, Wheeled Loader, Zoom Boom etc. can be provided.

Custom Workplace Safety Audits

Professional workplace audits are a useful tool to assess the effectiveness of your existing programs and safety system to provide safety abstract reports for potential contracts and to use in appeals to insurance, the courts or Worker’s Compensation.

Accident/Fatal Investigation and Analysis

What was the root cause of the accident? What are the legal ramifications? What can effectively put in place to prevent a similar occurrence? These questions must be answered in relation to even minor accidents. Safety NOW Systems Inc. will provide the answers and can train your staff to perform effective investigations.

Harassment Investigation and Mediation

Harassment allegations are disruptive and poison the work atmosphere and operation of the workplace. Quick resolution of the concerns is imperative. Safety NOW Systems Inc. will investigate allegations and provide mediation to resolve the concerns.

  • Training is available for Workplace Internal Investigation Teams. Contact us for more information.

Supervision Services

Safety NOW Systems Inc. will provide supervision services on an ongoing basis or on a short-term basis to relieve your staff during holidays, periods of sickness or as otherwise requested.

Specialized Services

Personal advocacy services to assist with a variety of formidable issues.

Workplace Specific Program Delivery

  • Programs developed/tailored to your training needs.